What Is a Balancing Machine?
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In order to establish and maintain proper tension in a machine, a mechanic often needs the help of a specialized tool. A balancing machine is used to help create this type of symmetry within rotating machines. It can perform this task through individual part rotation and sensor detection.

In a typical balancing machine, a set of two firm pedestals are accompanied by bearings and a suspension. Most machines have the capability to balance a variety of parts. These parts can include rotors for electric motors, disc drives, turbines, disc brakes, fans, pumps, and propellers.

To use a balancing machine, the item requiring alignment may be placed directly onto the bearings, either manually or mechanically. The unit is then rotated, using an air-, end-, or belt-drive. During the rotation, the item will vibrate. This vibration will enable the attached sensors within the machine to determine how unbalanced the unit may be, and therefore how much shift is needed to establish equilibrium. It can also pinpoint where weights are needed, if any, for balancing, and where the weights should be placed.

Many types of balancing machines exist. The two main types, hard-bearing and soft-bearing machines, differ in their suspensions. Hard-bearing balance machines involve a lower frequency use, and are more flexible as well as durable. They can be used for objects with weights that vary greatly.

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