Automotive Production Line Balancing

Shenju manages automated product flow and machine layout with either fully automatic or semi-automatic rotary and inline balancing machines, depending on your production line requirements. Typical applications include brake discs, crankshafts, torque converters, and automotive powertrain processes for OEM and tier-level production lines.

Integrated correction units meet the rotor design and type of correction required, preserving your rotor´s design integrity. We specialize in precision milling or drilling processes that correct unbalance with weight removal. For balancing that requires weight addition, Shenju machines incorporate a unique 1000 Hz welding system with automatic strip feed.

Our automatic balancing machines can include conveyor systems for either individual or palletized part handling.

Flexible PC-Based Controls. Hofmann balancing machines include a proven PC-based HMI (human-machine interface) with its straight-forward machine operation and setup windows. The flexible controls design allows our balancing machines to be easily configured for the electrical and communications requirements of your plant or unique process line.

We can accommodate a wide variety of CNC, PLC, servo control, and PC systems. Additionally, we specialize in customized applications and integration of third-party programs that fit your process, not someone else´s. Multiple language options enhance usability in global industry locations.

Manual Balancing Machines

To meet the lower-volume balancing needs of smaller automotive shops and aftermarket suppliers, Hofmann provides simpler, low-cost manual balancers. Like all of our balancing machines, these smaller systems incorporate a precision measuring system and user-friendly operator interface.

If you do not see your rotor or application listed here, please contact Hofmann. Our expertise and experience in the automotive industry enable us to address your specific balancing problems with the exact solutions you need.

We provide fully automatic, semi- automatic, and manual balancing machines and systems to all major automobile manufacturers and to many automotive suppliers... worldwide.

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