Customer Service

If you need technical support, service, spare parts, or just general assistance with your new or existing balancing system, Hofmann experts are there for you.

Technical Support Group

In-house balancing technicians provide global telephone support for technical issues or problems with your balancer. Around 80% of all service issues can be addressed and solved quickly with a telephone call.

When contacting Technical Support, please supply the model and serial number of the machine, located on the machine nameplate.

Service Dispatch Group

The Service Dispatch Group can provide general assistance about Hofmann products or your order. Also at your request, they will arrange the following onsite services: (download pdf flyer, 82 kB)

  • Repair and diagnostic service if problems cannot be resolved quickly by our Technical Support Group.
  • Turnkey installation to prepare your newly delivered Hofmann balancing machine for startup and commissioning. ( download pdf flyer, 179 kB)
  • Startup and commissioning of new installations to ensure that your Hofmann balancing machine is set up and working properly at your site.
  • Calibration and certification of Hofmann balancers, certification of other brand balancing machines.
  • Routine maintenance and maintenance contracts to keep your balancing machines working accurately.
  • Balancing training at your facility or ours.

Parts Department

The equipment experts at our Parts Department will help keep your downtime to a minimum.

Contact our Parts Department to order both spare parts and replacement parts, and before returning parts to Hofmann. When ordering, please provide the model number and serial number of the balancing machine, located on the machine nameplate.

Emergency Services

Shenju understands that downtime can be expensive, and that unexpected problems don´t always happen during normal business hours. That is why our service team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For balancing emergencies, please call us using the telephone numbers listed under "Contacts" on this page

Shenju locates its service centers strategically around the globe to ensure that each customer receives prompt service with minimum downtime. To guarantee quality work and customer satisfaction, our service engineers must pass a thorough, rigorous training program before representing Hofmann.

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