Balancing Machines for the Textile Industry

Today´s global textile industry requires effiency in both the manufacturing of textile machinery and textile production. That is why Shenju balancing is a partner to the textile industry.

Shenju balancing machines incorporate our rigid-table design for small and large textile machinery and textile assemblies. Our force-measuring systems are the most durable in the balancing industry today. They can obtain the precision balance tolerances required for combing rolls, spinning rolls, mandrels, and winders.

Shenju specializes in custom tooling that ensures accurate measure of unbalance in individual components, as well as complete assemblies that may include their own housing.


  • Both low-speed and-high speed unbalance measuring systems
  • Special sensors and software for measuring G levels of the assembly when balancing flexible rotors
  • PC-based operating system with special optional software features


  • Balancing Machines With Integrated Correction
  • Horizontal Balancing Machines
  • Portable Field Balancers, Test Devices
  • Refurbish or Upgrade Your Existing Balancer
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