Shenju is  in the design and manufacture of industrial balancing machines and equipment for aerospace and industrial power applications. Combining innovation, experience, and the latest technology, we can provide complete turnkey solutions for your balancing needs. These include:
  • Horizontal and vertical balancing machines
  • Manual and semi-automatic correction systems
  • Balance tooling packages
  • High-speed balancing systems
  • Moment scales and blade distribution software
  • Accessories
  • Training in balancing theory and applications engineering

As balancing requirements evolve and tighten to address the world´s changing demands, Hofmann continues to successfully meet those challenges. We engineer new mechanical designs for our balancing machines and reach new sensitivity goals as needed by the modern aerospace and utility industry.

Our turbine balancing capabilities range from products the size of small dental turbines that weigh only milligrams, to large steam turbines that weigh over 50,000 kg.

Shenju balancing machines use a piezo-electric crystal measuring system that is essentially a solid-state electronic system. This measuring system is more sensitive, linear, and reliable than vibratory systems. Coupled with our digital electronic measuring instruments, and including many special software packages suited to turbine applications,  balancing machines perform the most difficult tasks in the industry with exceptional results.

Successful balancing solutions for gas turbines, steam turbines, air cycle machines, air starter systems, gyroscopes, aircraft tire and wheels, rocket pumps, PTO shafts, helicopter drive shafts, and many other associated accessories for aircraft, marine, and industrial power applications.

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