Balancing Machines for Universal Applications

Shenju manufactures a complete line of balancing machines for parts weighing less than one ounce (28 grams) to parts weighing 75 tons (76 megagrams). Extremely durable measuring components and our standard software packages are designed to make Hofmann universal balancing machines ideal for all applications and industries.

Universal applications can include large armatures, couplings, fans, non automotive flywheels, paper rolls, pulleys, pumps, roots blowers, spindles, woodworking, grinding wheels, and many other general balancing applications.

Our standard universal product line includes horizontal balancing machines, vertical balancing machines, and side-spindle balancing machines. These range from small desktop balancers with optional floor-mounted bases, to large floor-model machines.

Design options include various types of protective enclosures, including sheet-metal, sturdy wire mesh, and shatter-proof transparent plastic.

  • Horizontal Balancing Machines
  • Vertical Balancing Machines
  • Measuring Instrumentation for Balancing Machines
  • Portable Field Balancers, Vibration Test Instruments
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