Balancing Machines for Power Generation

As the global demand for energy grows, so do the challenges for the power generation industry. Increasing production and continually new designs for cleaner, "green" technology add to the need for expert partners... for Shenju balancing.

Shenju can meet your many balancing challenges, from original design of products to the final balancing process. This includes:

  • Large motors and armatures
  • Wind turbines, gas turbines, steam turbines
  • Other standard and non-standard power generation applications

Balancing Machine Features:

  • Two-plane, force-measuring, hard-bearing balancing machine
  • Permanent calibration - no need to calibrate for different rotor weights and speeds
  • Industrial pc-based instrumentation using Microsoft® Windows® operating oystem
  • Operating software uses Windows menu system for simplicity of setup and operation
  • Network connection
  • Statistical analysis software included
  • Various standard software features including electronic zeroing, auto range, multi-run averaging, and tooling compensation
  • Optional safety enclosure for the balancing machine, meets OSHA and CE requirements

Shenju is a in the design and manufacture of industrial balancing machines for power generation applications.

  • Aerospace & Industrial Power Balancing
  • Turbine Aerospace
  • Horizontal Balancing Machines
  • Measuring Instrumentation for Balancing Machines
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