Balancing Machines for the Turbocharger Industry

Shenju has been the leading supplier of balancing machines and systems to the turbocharger industry for more than a decade.

During this time, our product range has expanded to include machines for the OEM and the turbocharger aftermarket. We design and manufacture balancing machines to detect minute unbalances in compressor and turbine wheels and core assemblies, both at low speeds of 4,000 rpm and at high speeds of 100,000 rpm. We excel in custom designs required for special applications.

The measuring system is the heart of a balancing machine. incorporates piezoelectric force-measuring transducers into a compact, high output, two-plane measuring table. This measuring table can be mounted in either a horizontal or a vertical configuration. It is available in both standard and special sizes, as needed.

We offer innovative solutions for tooling your part onto our machines. Tooling is custom-made for each application as needed, for example, non-rotating arbors or bushings for component parts and "H" plates for balancing a CHRA in its own bearings.

Typically, the rotor is air-driven, using our closed-loop speed control to hold and repeat the measuring speed accurately. Production balancers can include automatic correction using the latest correction methods available in the marketplace.

For more detailed information and specifications on balancing machines and systems for turbocharger applications, contact Hofmann.


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