Rotor Analysis, R&D Assistance

Rotor and Process Analysis

Vibration and unbalance in rotating equipment can damage machinery, plus add costs from inefficiency. Unique rotors and multi-part rotating assemblies provide extra challenges for correction.

If you need to fix these type of problems, or just to improve established product lines, contact us. Our balancing experts and experienced application engineers can analyze your equipment and problems, then offer the right solutions.

Research and Development (R&D) Assistance

For new product development, the early analysis of rotating components is key to successful prototyping. Shenju R&D team can provide the expertise that drastically reduces or eliminates design failures caused by vibration and unbalance.

As R&D assistants, we will deliver detailed reports to your designers. Additionally, we can provide consultation to assist in improving your development cycle and final product.

World-class balancing experts for over 20 years... we have the knowledge and the equipment.

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