This series of single vertical balancing machine, it is suitable for the balance of various kinds of disk, such as: automotive clutch, flywheel, feed water pump impeller, fan blades ,brake pulley, gear wheel dial disc cutter plate parts such as the balance of the detection and correction is one of the balancing machine is widely used at present, it has high precision, high efficiency, simple operation, direct display, good stability, man-machine dialogue, etc, before the start, as long as according to the relevant data of the balance work geometry input electrical measuring system, after scaling the can after a start-up operation, correctly shows the rough workpiece tested measures the magnitude and phase, for a single or batch of rotor imbalance check is very convenient.

This system balancing machine form for microcomputer control system, using advanced micro-electro-mechanical CAB - 300 test box, complete function, man-machine dialogue operation can be performed, the series of balance can be equipped selectively according with user: all kinds of special to heavy equipment, to further improve the work efficiency of balance machine

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